Steel Wire Rope Slings

To produce a reliable wire rope sling involves more than just having a press machine, a length of wire rope and fittings. Since 1984, we have been manufacturing wire rope slings as Çopuroğlu. Press and hand-spliced eye wire rope slings manufactured by us are TSE approved to EN 13414-1. With our professional team and our pressing machines (a 600 ton and a 2000 ton machines), we can produce wire rope slings from 6 mm up to 90 mm.

Every single wire rope sling which we produce is traceable and they are tagged and certified after quality control with a serial number.

Cable Laid Grommet Slings

Grommet slings are widely used espacially in heavy lifting industry and we are proud of being the first and only manufacturer of grommet slings in the country of Turkey as of 2016.

We have been the main supplier of wire ropes for especially heavy lifting industryin the local market and as we compete well globally with our prices, we are also becoming the main supplier of offshore construction companies globally.

As Çopuroğlu, we can produce grommet slings from 24 mm up to 270 mm grommet diameter.